The 2016/2017 Tag

Yo yo yo guys! How’s life treating ya? Hopefully very good with choco sprinkles ontop. Today I’ll be doing the 2016/2017 question and answer tag thanks awesome Anna 😀 Check out her blog here! I haven’t been blogging for a long time because I’ve been quite ill but ya know wut?! Charlii’s back in town 😉



  1. Mention the creator of this tag. Check out this guy David! 😀
  2. Use the image that you find in this article. Yo I got it.


  1. Mention the blogger who has chosen ya. Diversion ma gurl 😉
  2. Answer the questions. Of course ma friends.
  3. Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know with a comment on their blog. You know it 😉

The Questiony Questions!

Describe your 2016 in 3 words:

Manic, transitional and achievement ;’D

2016 was one of the most manic years of my life, I did a lot and got a lot of stuff done. I successfully completed my A-levels and got into Falmouth University wooooo! I was so proud of my English Language A- level because I received an ‘A’, despite being dyslexic 😀 ❤


Write the name of 2 people that have characterised your 2016:

Hmmm…this is a toughy but I’m going to say Helen Anderson from Youtube because her videos always cheer me up when I’m down, as well as Florence (Florence and the Machine) seeing as I’ve been enjoying her music all year 😀 ❤


Write about the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much:

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been to many very beautiful and enchanting places this year, but one of the most beautiful I would have to say is Gylly Beach in Falmouth early in the morning. I went there one day with my friend and it took my breath away. I’ve never seen quite a beautiful place. The way the light reflected from the boring sun onto the ripples of the water took my breath away.


Write about the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016:

OH MY GOSH GUYS! HOW DO I EVEN ANSWER THIS QUESTION?! I love food waaaay too much! Can i say EVERYTHING I’VE PUT IN MY MOUTH :’D If I absolutely had to pick I’d say my mum’s wardolf salad. IT’S THE ABSOLUTE BOMB.


Write about event which has marked you more of this in 2016 (a global event).

Golly gosh guys I don’t know! So much has happened :’) I’d probably say the death of ma good ol’ pal Bowie because he meant so much to me growing up ya know


Write the finest purchase you’ve made in 2016, and if ya want link a photo.

This is a real toughy lol. Finest purchase i’ve made? Probably a TUNA SUB FROM SUBWAY. Sorry guys, I’m in love :’) ❤


What are 3 good intensions for 2017?

  1. TO BLOG MORE MA GALS! Get to at least 1000 followers 😀 ❤
  2. Get a first in my coursework for uni (btw I’m studying Advertising at Falmouth)
  3. Get married :’D (Joking joking) Stop binge eating and be healthier


What’s one place you want to visit in 2017?

I would love to go to Japan, but ya know wut? Being realistic I can’t afford that right now and I need to safe ma dough to buy a car and do boring grown up things… so I’m going to say…I would like to visit go to Comic Con in Plymouth and do a super great cosplay. Last year I went to London and was so boring and didn’t dress up lol :’) ❤


What’s one meal or food you’d like to nosh on in 2017?

I want to eat a chicken burger from Frankies and Bennies SOOOOO BAD! Where I live now I’m quite far away from civilisation and there’s not a F & B’s near me so yeah. GIMMIE A BURGER 😀



Thank you once again to the wonderful Anna from Diversion3000 for the tag! 😀

Hope ya’ll enjoyed! 


– Charlii xox


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