Yo it’s Charlii here


Hope you enjoy this light-hearted (and hopefully humorous) blog  where I discuss stupid stuff as well as kinda serious stuff…

I pretty much fail at life generally…If you ask any of my friends they’ll tell you I have absolutely no common sense! Luckily for you this means I have some great stories to share 

You can read here about the time when I walked into the Men’s Bathroom in I’M SO EMBARRASSED 

I guess I’m kinda creepy too… I kinda stalked my exboyfriend before we got together…Check it out for yourself in Stalking = Boyfriend

You can also read about my life struggles… such as basically being a girl in general (I personally love this post the most)…Read about my Pancake Pain

Join us for some super cringe/cool/cray posts!

Forever your Pancakegal,

~ Charlii xox